top spin 3 or virtua tennis

    Just wanted to ask which out of those two games is the better one because I don't know which one to buy

    p.s the ps3 versions



    Top Spin 3 is higher rated, also Virtua Tennis don't have online play


    Hated Top Spin 3, again shame about virtua tennis not having online but if your going for single player expierence, virtua tennis wins hands down in my opinion.

    Top Spin 3 is a really good game. It's controls are slightly complex but once you get used to it, it's quite an enjoyable game.

    Top spin 2 over virtua 3 but virtua 3 over top spin 3

    topspin 3 by far. u have to actually time ur shots and its by far more true to real tennis.

    Easiest thing to do is download both demos if you can.

    Thats what i did for the 360.

    Playing both on the 360 i think that top spin3 is soooo much better than virtua tennis 3 which is basically a simple kids game i would say.

    Where as top spin is a lot more advanced alot better graphics (IMO) and feeels like tennis.
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