TOP TEN BLU RAY FILMS (For HD quality etc...) ?????

    What Blu Ray films do you class as being the BEST releases? (excluding Animated releases).

    I have to say that Zulu, Dirty Harry, Dr No and I,Robot look amazing.

    Any other films that truely show off Blu Ray to it's full potential?


    planet earth ive heard

    wall-E deffo…316

    That's a good site that gives you an idea as to the quality of Blu Rays. The only actual Blu Ray I have is Planet Earth, but that looks amazing in some parts.


    transformers and the dark knight


    transformers and the dark knight

    and planet earth
    watched transformers on my 1080i projector last night :thumbsup:



    and planet earthwatched transformers [COLOR="Red"]on my 1080i projector … and planet earthwatched transformers [COLOR="Red"]on my 1080i projector last night [/COLOR]:thumbsup:

    ohhh check phatboy out. lol


    ohhh check phatboy out. lol

    Not 1080p?



    lol, man this place is slow tonight...........

    anything buena vista, disney, ironman is pretty good too been really disappointed with warner batman begins is just ok imo. Dolby tru hd is ok but pcm 7.1 and dts-hd as far as audio goes is da ******.

    The dark knight blu-ray is a version of the imax one, its just cropped slightly to fit widescreen tv's , it looks great.


    I thought that
    Narnia prince caspian looked amazinggg!

    zz top live from texas for me,,,I know its not a movie but picture and sound excellent,,,


    wall-E deffo






    wall-E deffo

    He does say excluding animated releases:p

    really? I choose not to read that :lol:

    Here is avforums top ten list excluding animations

    I, Robot
    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
    Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End
    Man on Fire
    Red Cliff (H.K. Import)
    The Host
    Live Free or Die Hard
    Becoming Jane
    Transporter 3…316

    Planet earth and dark Knight are easily the best two in my opinion. Quantum of Solace is also very good!
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