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    A friend of mine wants to get a new plasma tv, but not having the money upfront at the moment was considering one of those pay as you watch tvs where they eventually become yours, but i cant think of the name of the company that does it so i can check the cost out, anybody have any ideas or actually use this kind of service, thanks



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    no mate they are a massive rip off they are, i thought there was a service where you keep putting pounds in a box etc when the metre runs out, i just wanted to find the overall cost to see if was cheaper than say getting one out of a catalogue


    radio rentals?

    end up paying 3 or 4 times what the item is worth

    do they still do them meters ....i remember years ago when i was a kid we had to put 50p in the back of tv and in the leccy meter

    i would say getting from the catalogue like grattans, or littlewoods would be cheaper

    Don't know if radio rentals or granada still exist,least the shops I know where about here have closed down long ago,maybe same everywhere.
    Usually local tv dealers do them,they still do exist,I know of 1 family who pay for their tv this way by coin slot.

    I suggest paying for 1 mth by mth from catalogue or local shop or somewhere else with an interest free credit plan,or perhaps buy a 2nd hand 1.

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    I know you getted ripped a bit but putting a pound in every couple days is convienient for people who are not good at saving, but maybe the catalogue route would be better

    buy as you view
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