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Posted 28th Feb
Never used Topcashback
Do i have to pay to get Cashback? Or
Its free.
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It is free to join but they do have a premium membership that costs £5 a year. It is only worth paying for the premium if you use the service a lot and the extra cash back you get from premium covers the fee. They take the five pounds fee out of your cashback. I'm not a super user so just have the free service.
Well worth doing. You just have to remember to go to TopCashback (TCB) before visiting a retailer. Cashback takes from 3 weeks to several months to become payable.

There are big cashback amounts for things like mobile phones, broadband and insurance. If you go to a comparison site first, the comparison site will get the cashback not TCB - and so not you.

IIRC premium membership is free in the first year. You do get slightly better rates of cashback and can get topups when you redeem if you take your redemptions as gift vouchers.

Quidco is very similar. I use both but prefer TCB; other people have different views or experience.

There's a good guide on MSE to cashback sites.
I'd add that it is wise to get in the habit of clearing cookies to a site, then go to TCB and link back to the site. Otherwise the risk is not your purchase may not be tracked from TCB/Quid to the site you buy from. I use "editthiscookie" to make it easy.

If you know someone already on it they can refer you and get a reward, which they can then split with you. Might only be a tenner but that's a free fiver each. Just looked and currently it's £24...not bad.

Is it worth it, yes with reservations. You do need to invest time in making sure the cashback deal really is worth it. Often going direct to a seller gives better deal than through the cashback (experienced that a few times with insurance quotes) you just need to be aware.
I use TCB and for me it's definitely been worth the effort especially when switching broadband provides (usually £100+ a pop).
Definitely worth it, I’ve ran in to issues before though with some retailers like Studio and some gambling sites where they don’t honour the Cashback but that’s not TCB’s fault and they have chased these up for me before.

The main thing is to not expect the Cashback and think if you get it, it’s a bonus!

Have saved over £1k from it though and am grateful with their service.
I have just gone over 3000 in earnings. It is easy and never had any cashback declined
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