TopCashBack and 10% Ebay, how often ?

Found 13th Dec 2017
I'm new to all this cashback thing, I need to buy some camera gear from eBay soon and I missed the 10% cashback they were doing a day or 2 ago. Anyone that's been on the platform for a while can tell me how often it happens ? It's 3% now but I'm on a budget so 10% again would be fantastic, guess it has never been more than that.
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I don't ever remember seeing it so high actually, think it was a special Christmas thing. Think it was 5% the next day. Might be worth checking for the next week or two.
Very rare, it's usually always just 1%. Try joining Quidco too, they often have different deals. They have had 10% at Ebay plus bonus payouts for minimum spend recently.
Well I hope for something around Christmas or new year , thanks
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