Posted 24 November 2023

TopCashback Black Friday Deals (20% Currys)

Thought I’d start a discussion around this because some of the Cashback offers are really good. Curry offering 20% cashback (excluding VAT - divide by 1.2) on windows laptops and gaming laptops, desktops and QHD monitors. It please there isn’t a cap either so you could spend £5000 on a Razer blade 18 and get £800 back.

eBay offering 20% but it’s capped at £100.

Argos offering 10% across the board.
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  1. TopCashbackRep's avatar
    Hey everyone,

    Just a bit of advace reminder that with Currys, cashback will track lower in your account and will increase by the time the cashback reaches confirmed

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    Hello Matt,
    Thanks for that. I think a few people are wondering if the Ebay 20% can be used in conjunction with the BUYBETTER20 code? The code is mentioned on the ebay TCB page, so not sure if that means it can be used on this occasion in combination?

  2. luminous's avatar
    It says all tvs 20% in which case i would bite but currys have a code taking 150 off it already.
    The tv isn`t in stock just pre-order so i`m skeptical and especially about them paying out 20% has anyone got cashback with them ok on tvs?
  3. brendanhickey's avatar
    I saw an Amex offer for curry’s too but I don’t understand it
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  4. KumaNoble's avatar
    Does it mean it is normal to see only 10% cash back in the account after buying a TV?
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    Yes, it tracks at the higher rate once confirmed
  5. reupen's avatar
    Are there tracking delays at the moment? Made three transactions at different retailers this morning but none have tracked so far
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    Purchases are tracking across retailers so there's no widespread delays - that said of course, as normal please do allow seven days for the cashback to track

  6. RoundGuy's avatar
    An order for a Windows laptop from Currys that was placed early evening yesterday (Friday) hasn't tracked yet. Normally the tracking confirmation email comes through in minutes - should I be concerned? (edited)
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    We would advise that you allow 7 days for this to track on your account, and if it doesn't appear, please lodge a missing cashback claim to us.

    You can do this on the following link:…it/

    - Liberty
  7. FairPriceSystems's avatar
    order: 23:51, took 7hours to track, keep an eye on ur emails folks. and lodge if it doesnt.
  8. Krinkle's avatar
    Three orders made, only one has tracked...the most expensive one of course has failed to track! I shall wait a couple of days but can't see why only one has tracked? :/
  9. ec0's avatar
    20% Currys deal is back on today but slightly different categories 
  10. DrGravity's avatar
    Caurionery tale for anyone who's done this deal. Ordered a TV from Currys I'd been watching for some time on Black Friday, as with 20% Cashback along with general price reduction it was a very good deal. After initally appearing in my TopCashback account (at a lower rate) they then declined the Cashback completely yesterday! I opened a dispute but they won't even send the info to Currys for a month. I have decided to reject delivery of the TV that was due today and get a refund, as the only reason I ordered was due to the cashback making it very competitive, and if I wait months to see if Currys finally accept 20% cashback, it'll be too late to return it if not. Very disappointed, these deals should not be advertised if the customer is going to have to jump through hoops to get them!
    Brexitbargainboy's avatar
    Cashback sites are so unreliable, I would rather pay the cheapest purchase without cashback, instead of having the headwork of chasing your cashback if it doesn't get tracked. It's just bonus money if it does get tracked and eventually paid.
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