Topcashback Hummingbird / sweet treats competition

Found 13th Jun 2016
Hi all,

I logged into Topcashback today to notice they're doing a sweet treats competition. After searching the internet I realised they have done this before but this is the first time I've ever played.

Today's (13/06) clue points to Royal London. click through to the website and then flick back to topcashback to find a humming bird to deliver a treat for you by clicking on it.

I was wondering if anyone knows which sites have been clues over the previous few days and if they would still show a hummingbird even if it was passed their particular day?

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These are the 12 daily clue answers I've had
Fantastic. thanks for all your help.

Apologies, I did try to search for a thread but didn't look hard enough by the look of it.

These are the 12 daily clue answers I've … These are the 12 daily clue answers I've had

​thank you.
nothing on bt now but did find something on eBay

received 10p too lol
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