topcashback is ripping me off!

    iv payed for the £5 membership this year, only 6 months ago.
    since then they have been taking part payments from my earnings on separate occasions when I request a payment.

    now I'm requesting one again and guess what! they want to take my £5 membership 6 months early! so annoying. I'm never going to renew it.

    iv asked them for a reason, all they could say is " we can cancel it but you will loose 70p commission as a member".

    iv payed quidco memberships , but no problems.

    keep an eye guys, we all ignore our accounts and it happens to me sometimes!


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    not to mention it took them 3 days to reply but it's says members get quicker response.

    Thanks for the reminder - I've downgraded my Quidco to basic as I get nothing from being a 'Premium' member. I swear I downgraded last year but they still charged me and said I was a premium member.

    Last time used them they didn't even track it was for lotto land deal posted here so I never bothered with them again
    Quidco always been fair with me

    past 2 with topcash not tracked sure they keep money for themselves
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    I've had the same issue. And getting a response from them is like getting blood from a stone

    I just use Quidco now and given up on Topcashback

    Had something payable in 3 weeks and it sat like that for about 10 weeks, then jumped to 39 weeks, yes 39, opened a support ticket to be told 39 weeks is the time it now takes for that company to pay and it could come in sooner. Never really like them but after that it will be all quidco from now in at least most times they fix things quickly.

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    past 2 with topcash not tracked sure they keep money for themselves

    ​they do.
    unfortunately like my account, they are benefiting. I only chose it because they offer 5% more payout such as Amazon voucher etc, as quidco offers 1% but currently offering 5% too to basic customers.
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