Topcashback not tracking. Anyone else having problems?

Found 17th Jul 2014
My last Three purchases haven't tracked.

I have submitted reports, checked test tracking etc.. never had a problem in the past, anyone else experiencing this ?
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I have been waiting ages for Direct Line to confirm a £95 cashback. I think a small claims through the courts might be necessary.
I had some not tracked purchases lately too, i waited for few weeks and just submitted missing claim, after few days they found them. Usually i had email straight away about transaction but i haven't received them.
I tried second night go on the website and its going really slow or not working so i don't know maybe the are having some problems.
I gave up using them a while back as things either didnt track or got declined for no reason, got nowhere with claims...Quidco are better.
My last three have all failed. I'm using the chrome browser on my tab 3 and chromebook.
All of my GAME purchases haven't tracked. I've submitted a report for one and I'm waiting for an update on that. One a week ago from zavvi did track though. They're really slow with getting cash back though. My PS4 cashback from Tesco took months to get!
i use a IE9 now just for cashback , if i use firefox for some reason they dont track
Still waiting for some from before Xmas....long gone I think.
never had a problem although I do it properly and only use IE solely for tcb / quidco. Use a proper browser for everything else (firefox)
Yeah same my last 2 have not tracked. Submitted a claim, but they are taking their sweet time
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