Posted 27th Jul 2022

I paid out two cash backs on topcashback on the 29th June via bacs to my bank account. However they've still not appeared in my bank account, 4 weeks later.

Is this normal? Any contact details to raise this with TCB?


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    Hey Everyone

    Bank transfer Pay outs are usually processed and seen with banks after one working day from request which weekends/bank holidays being excluded.

    If anyone is having any issues with a payout they requested please drop us a DM with your TopCashback username and we can take a closer look to help.

    Best wishes

    I requested a payout last night, I would usually have received it by 4pm but haven't had it yet. Have the payouts been completed today or are they still being paid.
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    TCB is better than Quidco. And depending on the cashback to make the purchase decision is always a bad idea. If it tracks and pays, it is a bonus.

    OP - you would have seen the last 4 digits of the account number and part of the sort code during the payout process. Try another payout to check.
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    TBC really are awful (edited)
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    TCB suck
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    Tcb are superb imo. Never had an issue . In fact just requested a payout only last week. Took all of 2 days from request to payout.
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    Yes tcb are awful. If the deal ends on the site before the payout you’ll have to fight to get it.

    Replying to

    Doesn’t really matter does it. There are plenty of people making us aware that where the cash back just doesn’t track and crap cash back tell them it’s tough. Your site is one big gamble. I’ll be steering well clear and I hope many other people realise this.
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    No it is not normal.

    Are you sure they have the right bank details or/& card details?

    I suspect not.
    Yes 99.9% sure the bank details are correct, although cabt see how to double check them.

    The status on the payments are showing as requested not received, so suspect there is a blockage somewhere. I have messaged and emailed TCB but no response yet......
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