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Found 6th Sep 2017
Just wondering how sky existing customer deals work. Can you be at any stage of your contract?

I signed up for adsl. Had some problems and customer service has been sh1t (really gone down hill since l was last with them) and bandwidth isn't very good. Internet slows to a crawl on the adsl when I try and download a program or upload to a service.

I asked about upgrading to fibre on the £25 existing customer deal but you need sky tv to get it through their website.

There appear to be no such restrictions through topcashback. However:

"If you are already a Sky Broadband customer regrading to a better package for example from Broadband Unlimited to Fibre" you won't get cashback.

But I'm not bothered about the cashback so I'f just use the service to get the cheaper fibre. It would be less money than they are charging me for my adsl, though that is overcharging me (another issue with them) as I signed up to a deal for line rental only with 100 cashback which they refused due to them fusing my old and new accounts and losing my order number in the process.

What do you think? Is this possible?
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I'm not understanding what you're getting at.
Is it Topcashback or your crappy ADSL?
What do you want to do?
Topcashback primarily. Can I upgrade even though I'm at the start of a contract?

Using topcashback to get the upgrade but foregoing the cashback because it's not available for upgrades on broadband.
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