TopCashback suspended my account

Posted 12th Feb 2021
Need a bit of advice regarding topcashback closing accounts. Me and my mum signed up to topcashback under my dad's referral link. We both went through to open an ISA account through them. Both accounts tracked fine but today I've gone to login to topcashback to find my account wasn't able to login. Mum's wasn't able to login either but dad's was fine.

The only customer service tcb have is an email address. Sent an email regarding not being able to log in and got this response a few hours later:

Whilst processing your cashback, our systems noticed that your account and others which are linked to it, share similar information which we deem to be suspicious.

We understand that some accounts are linked for good reason, the accounts you have with us do not appear to be unique and it was at this point that we have decided to suspend the accounts.

As our fair play policy has been breached, the decision of the accounts being closed isn’t one that can be overturned and ask that going forward, you use the account that remains open and available for you to earn cashback.

Not sure how they have come to this conclusion when each account is for a separate person as per their T&C's. Can anything be done? Looking to lose out on £110+ cashback each which isn't ideal. Have sent them an email back and waiting on a response.

Thank you.
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