topcashback....very kin arent they?

    I been trying out topcashback, one thing that starting to come clear they are very kin on you using their service. I think it happens every other day at lest possble less I have had from them a e-mail along the lines of.."we not got this many cashbacks etc etc"

    Now I start to wonder...why are they so kin in that you use their service after all if you dont the account gets deleted and their keep the money at the end of it. Or do there really need that £5.00 from you so bad ?????

    Here is something I let you know if it happens or not...I sometimes shop with littlewoods so I thought just for the hell of it I go though Topcashback get possble up to 6% and see if they pay due to me being a customer already...


    Do they get a little of the percentage as well?? If you compare their rates to quidco - who give you all of the percentage.

    Then again, the rates differ depending on how many click throughs there are in a certain time period...

    "Then again, the rates differ depending on how many click throughs there are in a certain time period..."

    From what I'v heard although the rates for consumers remain static they get bonus' for certain click through/lead targets... which the customer doesn't see (It's not part of the rate so by their T's and C's the users have no right to it )
    I guess they are out to make a little cash.

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    topcashback ALSO give you 100% so they say and I did get a track from littlewoods much to my suprise. So thats something to remember even if you where a customer before using topcashback etc the retailers will still pay out.

    Topcashback and Quidco operate the same. Both charge a yearly admin fee and both, supposiddly give you the 100% cashback.
    That is strange as some %age cashbacks are better with Topcashback and some are better with Quidco, although most are the same. I suppose they just negotiate better or worse depending on the retailer.

    But again Topcashback and Quidco do the same thing. However Topcashback aren't as quick to close someones account as Quidco are.

    The advertisers give a higher percentage to those who create more sales. As quidco is better known, and used more, they will be making more sales, hence they can offer better rates.

    TCB will probably be sending those e-mails as they want to offer those better rates.

    There are some bonuses and some competitions that TCB will benefit from for pushing x number of sales through, but why shouldn't they?
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