Topless Female Trampolining World Championships

Found 13th Sep 2012
Meet Lars - The health and safety officer at this years world championships. Listen as he explains his job at the championships and watch some awesome trampolining

I'm sure there is a moral to this video but i can't remember what it is !!

Link to video in first post
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Mr A you have far too much time on your hands .. now get back to work you loafer X)
DC - I know you've watched it twice already ... who's loafing now

DC - I know you've watched it twice already ... who's loafing now

cant the forces of darkness at work have blocked it
bookmark it and watch at home ....

damn you dark forces !
Wheres the toplessness? Very disappointing.

bookmark it and watch at home ....damn you dark forces !

and double damm you work .. earlies .. zzzzzzzzz
should of been an olympic sport.
i used to think that hosting top gear was my dream job, not any more. tbh quite a good video to raise awareness of breast cancer.
that's actually awesome!
I bet its a 'relief' to get home at the end of a 'hard' day at work
Certainly do a bit of bouncing with Miss England and Belgium, well all of then actually...
Got THIS dvd the other xmas worth a watch if you if you like trampolining, we all watched it after the queens speech
not bad for less than a fiver .. ideal secret santa gift ( for yourself )
Why is out all the girls miss wales had to be a hippo???
just because corn beef and muffins springs to mind

not a bad likeness
nobody realised it's that **** Chris O'Dowd putting on a Swedish accent?
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