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Found 11th Mar 2011
Got a Dell XPS 15 on order at Dell outlet (thanks guys n gals on relevant thread for help) and I am now looking for some extras for it.

This is my first laptop so I am lost on what to get and what is the best. All I can think of getting ATM is a nice carry bag that will fit the laptop and the cables.
Can anyone suggest some good items to add to the list please ?.

On a very tight budget due to laptop cost but depending on items I can prioritise purchases.
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id get that logitech m505 mouse for £20 at amazon, if it still is, great mouse and great laptop
as above.
those touch pads get right on my London blitz
The touchpad on the xps 15 is actually pretty good.... but the two finger scrolling and all that gimmicky stuff is rubbish! Its just the keyboard that will take some getting used to.
What about a USB plug in light source ?. I'm thinking at night it may be handy for a nicely designed light to angle over the keyboard.
Any good bags/cases to look for ?. Again on a small budget.
i got this one and it fits my partners 15inch xps and i put my 17inch in it…-20

i also use a velcro sleeve as my laptop didnt come with one but his dell did…t_b

i also bought a shoulder bag as well…1-8

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My netbook has

pakuma 13.3 inch messenger bag.
10inch blue sleeve .
techair 11 inch bag with mouse

choice depending on what i need to take with me

my 17 inch laptop has
jansport rucksack or the pc line shoulder bag
has the 17inch sleeve
silicon keyboard cover off ebay to protect my keys these are bloody brilliant, both the big laptops have these

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Thanks Jaz. More food for thought.
The silicon keyboard covers look like a good item to have. Just need to sort through all the mac book listings on feebay lol.

Didn't think about a slip cover either. May get a cover and a shoulder bag. Always hated the rucksack style bags in school, and the messenger bags are so much more "hip".
what ur model of dell

keyboard protector for your dell, remember and tell them you need the eu versions of xps l501x

based in us tho but ship to uk

$12.99 ~ £8.12 tracked to uk
$9.99 ~ £6.24 non tracked to uk

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If you haven't got any kids yet then get a Belkin CushTop

Thanks again all, a few items I never even heard of before. Got a planned delivery for Tuesday and I Can't wait. Going to wait until I get it before ordering any extras but do plan to get a key cover.sleave and maybe a extra power pack for now due to money.

Question on the sleaves, where is the cheapest place to get a plain fitted one?? Same for power cables please.
Got the XPS in hand now and love the speed of it. Now on the official buying hunt.

Most needed item ATM is a fitted soft slip cover for it. Can anyone give some cheap links please ?. I believe I need it to fit a 15.6 inch laptop.

Was thinking more like the one jazferbetay originally linked. That just scares much pink fur
a mouse

a mouse

A good mouse is on the list but for now I can only look at getting a slip cover to protect it while in my messenger bag. I decided that a purpose laptop bag could make me a target for a mugging.
Broken record but thought it better to ask in my existing thread.

Is anyone with any experience with laptop sleeve/cover/case able to help me please ?.
I have been looking around feebay for a sleeve but all the dimensions seem of. I have a Dell XPS 15 (L501X) thats listed as 15.6. My measurements give me dimensions of 270mm x 380mm. I understand to expect a little extra each way but some like this have sizes as W 310 x H 395 mm .

Would the extra on the width be protected with internal padding ?. I don't like the idea of the laptop moving in the cover. I am wanting to get so I can ave the laptop lightly covered and then put it in my normal messenger bag.
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^^ Anyone ?
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