Topspin 3 or Civilisation Revolution?

    Hey everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone who has these games could share their opinions, price is not an issue because I can buy either for the same price. I honestly cannot decide between them, I'm about 60% to 40% towards Topspin 3 the now.


    If your looking for 360 versions, the demo of civilizations is on the market place.

    Personally I didn't like it very much. I thought it was too "cartoony" and slow. Personally, I think this sort of game is best suited to a PC.

    Original Poster

    I'm going for PS3 but there are minimal differences between the two platforms on these two games.

    Have the Civ demo, and also Virtua Tennis 3. I enjoyed the demo of Civ, but yeah, cartoony and it ended too quick. I enjoyed VT but it's way too arcadey.

    Top Spin 3 is great......better than VT3 :thumbsup:

    I like the arcadey feel of VT3, expecially on multi-player. I guess it is just a question of preference
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