Torch - Good Quality and Bright!

    Now thats its so dark by about 5pm, looking for a torch for when i walk the dog.
    Need it to be nice and bright so i can find the dog when hes bolting around the field!
    Also, would ideally withstand the odd drop on the grass.
    Willing to spend up to around £25.

    Maglites are one option, any other brands that people can recommend?



    EDIT: Now decided on a 2xD cell Maglite - so want cheapest on this (so far £16.99 -screwfix) and rechargeable batteries + charger (2 batts + charger £15 so far).


    Try out this place:


    If you go over the whole site, they break up the whole torch thing into disciplines, such as LED-based, incandescent and stuff and they review each one.

    The best of the class seems to be pseudo-military halogen-style bulb things. So I recommend that you check out the type of torch you want then check his reviews, and google it.

    It's fairly comprehensive. I've just bought one of these on ebay:

    *** MOD EDIT - removed ebay link

    Forgive the link, admin-peeps, but it's just to illustrate the type of torch. I'm not recommending anyone buy from fleabay.

    However, it's very bright, quite cheapo made and not entirely waterproof, so I'm not sure if would do for walking the dog in this weather. But, it's super-bright and looks like a shower-head! I recommend it for the price to anyone.

    Hope it helps.

    Original Poster

    Thanks a lot, will have a read of that website

    For when the eBay link is removed...

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    Try out this place:]

    Thanks, had a good read of this site, think theres a little too much info for me there!

    Still not really much clearer on the right 'type' to go for
    Thanks anyway

    Thanks, Gary. Should've done that m'self. But at work just now and not really enough time. I spend enough time faffing around here!


    Thanks, Gary. Should've done that m'self. But at work just now and not … Thanks, Gary. Should've done that m'self. But at work just now and not really enough time. I spend enough time faffing around here!

    Haha, no worries, i know what you mean. I sorted that problem by getting my boss some good deals off the site and now shes asks me if ive checked it and whats Hot! lol

    +rep for the decent torch info!

    Maplin have a selection of mail order torches, or instore if you have one near.

    I have ]this one. Its ok and takes normal batteries, light-ish but very strong, its solid metal (wouldnt break if you clumped a mugger) and a nice usable beam, but....

    I wish I payed extra tenner and got the MORE power model ]here, only difficulty being it takes lithium batteries, maybe more ££ and less easy to get hold of.

    Bit awkward to judge size in the pictures but they are very compact, easily pocket size, 130mm, unlike a mag-lite where the best ones are over a foot long.

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    Thanks, they look good.
    Would like to go for something like the brighter one, but the batteries seem expensive....
    Not sure what to do ....

    I just re-read your post. I'm not sure if these would be bright enough for a search light for a dog in a field. They are more for close work, the 1.5 watt is not bright enough 3 watt may be but its more a tactical light I think.

    You really need a spot light, 1/2 million candle power maybe, the 1 million+ spot lights dont last long before needing recharge.

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    ok, thanks, you are probably right.
    Thinking rechargeable would be good too.
    All the ones i can see are the massive yellow ones, a bit big for carrying around really.
    Still looking...

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    After a good look, it seems the spotlight type are always big and bulky...
    So not too sure where to go from here!


    from a professional stand point on the torch thingy ... I have a 3 cell mag lite and they are the dogs conkers , they are guaranteed for life and mine has been dropped more times than I can think of , plus its been used to smash the odd window when needed in the line of duty..

    so if in doubt.. get a maglite :thumbsup:

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    thanks for your input!

    So... i need a rechargable bright torch similar to a maglite thats not going to break the bank!

    Think im asking too much now!

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    Think i would now like to go for a maglite, but as i dont want to spend a fortune on batteries, i would like rechargeables.
    The rechargeable maglite is well over £100 which is FAR too expensive!

    So can anyone recommend me a good combination ie maglite (c or d cell), rechargeable batteries (Nimh) and charger.

    Best i can do :
    Maglite - 4D cell - £19.99 screwfix (4D a bit big really!)
    Batteries £ 9.00 maplin
    Charger £ 9.99 maplin (but 30hrs to charge!)

    Total nearly £40 - a little expensive really

    I have a Maglite that takes 2 AA bateries. I keep it in my handbag all the time. It was worth it's weight in gold when my daughter and I were caught in a power cut whilst using an underground public toilet!
    I use it for walking the dog along unlit paths without any problems and it has never let me down, and I have had it about 10 years.

    Hi does anyone know the cheapest place for C cell mag-lites?

    You would more likely get an answer if you had a quick look your self and posted the best price you have found in the deals request section of the forum. Good luck :-D

    Thought people wouldnt mind as this is talkling about torch as well
    Cheapest i can find for 3 c cell is at - £22.99.
    Would consider other C or D cell models if cheap!

    Dave, Please don't get me wrong... I wasn't "having a go" i was just suggesting posting in the "Deals Request" forum as you are more likely to get a faster response. If i knew where to look for cheap torches then i would help you :thumbsup:
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