Toric Contact Lens (for astigmatism)

Found 11th Sep 2006
Hi, can anyone help me with finding the best price for Toric Contact Lens daily disposibles.

The prices i see at the moment are around the £35 for a months supply! (both eyes)

At the moment i am using Specsavers Monthly type, and that costs about £60 for 3 months supply - which is only 3 pairs. But i really cant be bothered with cleaning them any more, and usually after about 2 weeks they alway feel extra dry and uncomfortable :(.
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dont think you can get dailys, when i tried last about two years ago all i could get were monthlys. I think the torics are harder or something.
Have a look at ]http//ww…jsp they have some on there if you buy 12 months supply of dailies they work out at £31 per month. Will let you know if I find any cheaper.:)
There are daily toric lenses nowadays. Here's one 1 found that gives free shipping too and the lens only cost about £19

Yep, daily torics are available at most places.

Have you considered monthly continuous wear lenses? Pop them in at the start of the month and you don't take them out until the end. I've heard good reports of visiondirect.co.uk/sec…=17 but haven't used them myself. Three pairs (months) works out at £42.50. Obviously you don't really need solution as long as you keep them in, and if you're anything like me I have accrued several spare bottles from my Specsavers supply over the last few years.

If you do go for the extended wear option it's worth considering some drops that you can use while the lenses are in situ, especially one with proteolytic properties.
Daily Torics £26 per month. Not sure about postage. Just googled cheap daily torics.


edit - Shipping was free when I added a pack for each eye. So it's just £26.
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