Torn - decent CRT or cheapish LCD - help!

Hi All

I have a bugdet of around £500 - £700 and am torn between buying a top end CRT TV (something like the DX51 SONY) or a bugdet'ish LCD (probably HD ready)..If i go for the CRT it would need to be a 28" box...however LCD would allow me to veture to 32"..

I have been to many stores and seen the quality of the LCD's (different brands) and are'nt impressed with the picture quality...I know HD will be touching our shores soon but really won't be around in full for another 3-4 years...

My predicament is whether i should compromise quality for 'looks'. My belief is that a LCD TV without a HD feed running through it (unless you spend over a grand) is much inferior than say a CRT (using sky)..

Will be using the TV primarliy for watching SKY and watching dvd's...

I get mixed opinions from sales men in stores and was wondering whether you guys could help..

p.s - I get worried about stories about dead pixels, ghosting etc, so want to want to make the right choice!

Thanks in advance

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I had the same dilemma a while back, but with a slightly higher budget. I opted for a Loewe Nemos 32, and I have never regretted it. It's a CRT TV, and the PQ is amazing. [url]www.avforums.co.uk[/url] has some good advice.

You'll find on ebay some good Loewe TVs for your budget. If you have sky, it has never looked better than RGB via scart. My gamecube even works on component into the Loewe.

Unless you or someone in your household is worried about the space and weight of a CRT, I would go for it.
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