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Found 29th Sep 2008
Hey guys, i've downloaded Bitlord for my laptop and want to download ove rmy wifi connection. However when i open up a torrent it begins but never downloads yet tells me how many seeds and such i am connected to. Can someone please help?

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But i can download fine thorugh my desktop computer but trying to keep that clean.

Might be blocked by your ISP.


Probably a port blocked on your router, or (more likely) you've blocked the program from accessing the internet on a software firewall.
How would i go around to solving this?
Open your firewall program and tick whatever program needs to be accessing the tinterweb.

What firewall program do you have running?

Or is it the inbuilt windows vista one?
I'm using XP, checked the firewall and its windows inbuilt one but bitlord is already ticked
It can't be ticked.

There must be somewhere it isn't ticked.

Try changing the port number on the torrent app (will be in the settings somewhere), you're router may have saved the settings for your desktop pc, and trying to route traffic to it instead of your lappy.

I had a similar problem when downloading Ubuntu through torrent.
Try turning your firewalls off all together.

I doubt someones gonna hack you in the next 3 minutes. (unless it's a HUKD mod who's got your IP - even then your router should stop emmajk42 :p)
Bitlord is definately ticked. Tried pressing random port, no luck =(
Which company is your ISP?
Turned firewall off no luck either, don't think tis gonna work
ISP = AOL, had no problems before
okay installing now
no luck either, however it did tell me a port number this time which was free and able to ocnnect to
If Utorrent doesn't work try ]Azureus

I'm unfamiliar with BitLord so can't really help you on that but can help you with the settings in Azureus
Tried Azureus before and didn't work either LOL, i guess i'm not gonna win here =(
I know, but i'm only downloading a couple of movies and can jsut leave it on in teh day
Any other suggestions?
get rid of bitlord as like bitcomet, it is very unsafe for downloading copyrighted material. Get utorrent and peerguardian
Its because of your port connection, you need to change it. BitLord sucks, and Azuerus is a heavy client. Get rapidshare or go to search for the movie and then click on the Utorrent compatible tracker list and copy and paste and you should get alright speeds like 200 - 300 kb.
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