µTorrent Tweak Guide

    "µTorrent Tweak Guide

    I thought it would be a good idea to post some decent information on µTorrent settings with some great info to get your connection the best that it can be.

    Important! You need to make sure encryption is enabled and that you have your ports open/forwarded correctly otherwise no tweaking in the world will help you download.

    It is also recommended that you choose a random port when you start up µTorrent as an extra precaution against bandwidth throttling (make sure you open/forward the range of ports you decide to use).

    If you are having problems, and want to optimise your µTorrent settings like I did, read on my fellow Pipexians!

    µTorrent Settings Optimizer

    This is a great wizard that tells what to input into all the settings in your µTorrent client. Simply enter your downstream/upstream connection speed and voila!

    LvlLord's TCP/IP patch

    More info:…ols
    Download and apply:…ads

    Torrent Download Test

    If you want to download a really well seeded torrent file to test your download rate grab a package from the following web site (don't worry - all files on the web site are legti):-…tml

    Downloading a torrent file from here will be a good indication of how good your download rate really is.

    If you get a good rate downloading from here you know your µTorrent settings are spot on but remember that at peaks times your download rate will slow down due to network congestion so I recommend trying it out of peak hours.

    Further Reading

    If you want more tweaks and info than you can shake a stick at check out: help://…912 for a great mini-guide on tweaking the µTorrent client.

    Interview with Ludvig Strigeus, developer of µTorrent about encryption:…083

    (Interesting to read that Bram Cohen stated "Most ISPs don't do such shaping")

    Pipex Retaliation

    Right now it seems Pipex has not initiated any response to encrypted downloads but this may change, who knows, we may in the future witness Pipex introduce more restrictions:-

    a) Detection of a large number of connections to a single port and then throttling that specific port
    B) Universal limit on the number of connections per port
    c) Universal throttling of all but a few ports
    d) Deprioritising all unidentifiable traffic and marking it as P2P (High risk for an ISP to do that)

    If all else fails request your MAC and move to a 100% unmanaged ISP.

    The End

    I would love to see some of your speeds and if you found any of this info helpful - don't be shy, post those speeds!

    Disclaimer! Some people might feel that using encryption to get around the Pipex P2P bandwidth throttling raises some serious moral issues - while others may fee, strongly, that placing restrictions on their bandwidth allowance is totally unfair and is a step too far.

    It is a personal decision but I am not condoning the download of illegal content etc. "



    how long should it take to download an hour or so worth of stuff? like video?
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