TorrentLeech/Blackcats games invite request for demonoid

Anybody, I'm willing to give away a demonoid invite for a or blackcats-games invite.



can i have one please...,

thanks in advance

I can give you a demonoid invite for a blackcats one in return thanks, been looking for one of these. Both if you're really feeling good haha, will PM you it.

*Edit* ARGHHHH I read it wrong. Read it how I wanted to to be! Woops Lol damn*
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demonoid invites are easily gotten, its a leechfest community, torrentleech/blackcats/bitgamer are a bit more exclusive, you would need to show evidence of good ratios etc (just giving advice i dont have any invites to give away atm)

I dont know how some people get the ratios I see on torrentday (good one worth signing upto at the moment if no invites) do need to keep a ratio of 1. I find the bigger files like vids/games I can download a 700mb file in 30mins, but in that time I will have only sent back like 1 or 2mb. Same with a 6gb game, probs have sent back 2 or 300mb. I think this is maybe because theres so many high bandwith seeders and not as many leechers on there. It does help me out with the bonus points system they have there though, like even if nobody leeching off me, every hour so many points which then get redeemed for upload. Is this the case with these ones mentioned?

Recently I've been pretty impressed with my ratios on small files like music albums, one 111mb, giving back 742, and another 278mb seeding 2.75gb. Yet my ratio on demonoid is still only 0.58! Probably from a year or so ago when no Hardrive space and needing to delete them.

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i've been banned from blackcats yesterday, want to get into it again.
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