Toshiba 32C3035D Ideal Settings?????????

    hi, guys does any one know what the best settings are for the Toshiba 32C3035D the first tv from that came with a free tv stand. such as picture quality and sound basically what the best settings are. any help will be apreciated.


    There seems to be two different models being the 32C3035D and the 32C3030D but very similar

    there is a thread on avforums for the 32C3030D


    Should be there or thereabouts with regards to the settings

    After reading some threads, it seems that there is very little difference between the two, maybe purely cosmetic, so that settings thread should work for you with that tv fairly well

    These are some of the settings others use for the 32c3030d

    Backlight 23
    Contrast 73
    Brightness 46
    Colour 39
    Tint 0
    Sharpness +10
    Black Stretch Off
    MPEG NR Middle

    Backlight 45
    Contrast 74
    Brightness 61
    Colour 42
    Tint +1
    Sharpness -25

    The thread on the avforum for the c3030d series is here…850
    edit - nipperkipper beat me to it......

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    great thanks a lot guys rep on its way.
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