Toshiba 42XV635DB Picture Quality

    Just been to Currys tonight and was looking at this Toshiba TV and the picture seemed a bit blurry however the 37XV635DB was perfect. Has anyone got the 42XV635DB that would be able to comment on the picture quality of SD and HD.




    sooooo many forums will tell you....

    that in shops they connect most tv's up with a shared signal or something.

    this means the picture will come out blurry.

    their main one theyre gonna try and push
    they will put it on its own signal
    so the quality isnt blurry

    i suggest you search the net and find independant reviews THEN go to a shop.
    dont look at shop display cos they never wire them up properly

    Currys is probably the worst place on earth to check out TV picture quality.

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    I am looking to order it from Dabs, if im not happy with it when I try it can I send it back within 7 days, if so would it cost me to send it back ?

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