toshiba l300-20d lap top

    hi all i have just bought a 3 week old toshiba l300-20d lap top boxed for £90
    it has 1gig of ram in it looking to upgrade to 4g
    can any one pls tell me the best ram to put in this and how easy it is to do
    pls and the best place to buy
    thanks for your help



    use the crucial scanner 7% at topcahsback or quidco, should you decide to buy from there


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    DDR2 - 800mhz

    The 1Gb of ram is probably inside the case and VERY difficult to get to and replace.

    The extra memory slot is underneath the laptop and VERY EASY to get to.

    To be honest you dont need 4Gb and 3Gb should be ample.

    Just buy a single piece of 2Gb of memory and put that in the slot underneath, then you will have 3Gb which is ample for most people.

    (If you are running 32 bit Windows then it cannot even cope with much above 3Gb so you are probably wasting your money going to 4Gb).

    If you are running 64 bit Windows that is another matter (but the extra 1Gb over 3Gb will probably not gain you much anyway).

    good price btw
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