Toshiba L500-1CQ Laptop?


    Would be grateful if anyone could tell me if this is a good laptop to purchase?…spx

    Unfortunately, I do not have sufficient knowledge on laptops however, I researched online and found Toshiba and Asus are the most reliable. I would appreciate if someone could tell me if the above laptop is ok. I need one under £440 and mainly for surfing.




    Note the heading says "Windows 7 Home Premum" but the text down below says "Windows Vista Home Premium".

    The fact it says "Final chance to buy - order now while stocks last" indicates it is Vista, and if so I would not buy it.

    However the Toshiba site does have it with Windows 7 on it…se/

    Maybe check with Tesco?

    It IT is Windows 7 then it is a good make, Toshiba, a decent CPU, reasonable memory (3Gb is fine for most people), 250Gb hard disk is fine, so a good machine for the money, but only if it has Windows 7 on it.

    btw If you are doing mostly surfing then you dont need a powerful CPU, almost any CPU would do so you could easily spend £50 less and still get a good enough laptop.

    How about this at £429?…spx

    Still a Toshiba, but has the very latest Core i3 CPU on it (which run much cooler)

    1Gb less in memory than the one above (which you will hardly notice), but a bigger hard disk.

    Also, this will DEFINATELY have Windows 7 on it (this CPU was not available when Vista was around).

    I also note it has an HDMI connector so you can plug it in to a HD TV and show movies on your laptop on the TV.
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