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    I would just like your opinion on this laptop from John Lewis; free delivery and 2 year warranty. It's in stock in my local store- I was wondering whether the Celeron processor is enough to run Vista. I'll probably up the RAM myself.…spx

    Thank you!


    Well at £300 you are at the bottom of the laptop price range, so you are hardly likely to get a Core 2 Duo.

    I have looked at it in the website below and it comes near the bottom of the "mid range CPUs" so it is likely to be sluggish.

    Not sure how much you can afford by I would try to add another £50 and get a better CPU.

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    Thanks for that guilbert53. THe chart is very interesting. Taking your advice to spend a bit more for something better, I have found 2 models which I think look good.

    HP, with 2 GB RAM, and AMD Athlon 64 x 2 TK53 processor, £359 inc. voucher…=uk

    Toshiba, 1 GB RAM, INtel Core Duo T2330, @ 1.66 GHz, £379, in stock locally but not online.…spx

    I can't make up my mind between the 2, although I think the Intel processor is the better one. Would be very interested in any thoughts. Thanks!

    waiting for a Toshiba core 2 duo (for my Mum) to fall in price

    Got a Toshiba Equium dual core last year

    So impressed with the Toshiba, I won't be buying anything else:thumbsup:

    The £359 HP is very good value - remember to go via Quidco and use code HPSPLDIS so you don't pay for postage...

    Got my Dad the Toshiba dual core from JL for christmas (used the £20 off code and used Quidco), it's very well built and a bargain at £379 without any discounts.

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    Thanks everyone. It seems that both machines are ok, and perhaps it comes down to personal preference for brand. I've never had a Toshiba, although I believe they are well made, and have had very good experiences with HP. The John Lewis 2 year warranty seems good- we'll see. I'm going in to have a look at it today and then will make a decision. I know it's not a huge amount of money under discussion, but I need to make my student income stretch as far as poss !

    Forgot to say I also own an HP laptop (nc 8430) and they also as a brand have good build quality.

    I also bought an ]Acer from Comet for my brother that seems a nice piece of kit, it's one of the new gemstone range.

    Not my pictures but thats what it looks like, just with a black border around the screen instead of white.
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