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    I purchased a Toshiba Satellite L300-1AQ Laptop about 18 months ago for my son & have been happy with it, unlike my laptop from a different manufacturer.
    The time has now come to purchase a Laptop for my other son but I wanted a different model around the same price of £349.......Can anyone recommend one please that has a good spec?


    Well £349 is at the low end so not sure you will get a "good spec", but if all he does is web, email, office type work then you dont need a good spec.

    This Toshiba is at Tesco at £349.…spx

    Toshiba, Dual Core celeron, 2Gb memory (enough for Windows 7), 250Gb hard drive.

    Celerons tend to be low end CPUs, but this is dual core so will be fine for "home" computing.

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    Thanks for your replies. I did look at the Samsung but decided to keep to Toshiba as their extended guarantee on our other laptop was £50 for 3 years.
    Had a look at the Toshiba's as per the links but they sell so many series it gets confusing on which one to go for.
    Can anyone recommend which series within my price range.
    Thanks again
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