Toshiba Laptop Battery Recall - Checked previously? Check again.

    Okay, so this isn't the first time we've seen recalls on Toshiba Laptop batteries and if you checked last time, you might want to check again. Some of the articles aren't clear on where these may have been sold, but best to check anyway, right? - Source

    The batteries in question are apparently overheating and melting, but no injuries have been reported as far as I can tell.

    You CAN still use the laptop while you are sorting things out, but that's only if your laptop allows you to run the machine while plugged into the mains, while the battery is not inserted.

    Toshiba state on their own site
    "Because there is overlap within the manufacturing dates for the affected battery packs of the January 2016 Recall and the expanded recall, it is critical that all users of affected laptops purchased between July 2013 and the present date promptly check their battery pack to ensure that it is not affected by the expanded recall. Users who previously checked and determined that their battery pack was not affected by the January 2016 Recall must now re-check their battery packs."

    To manually check by using your product part number - See here

    There is also a downloadable utility to check your device too, it's on the link above.


    Thanks Neo.

    Been checking my battery for over a year now and it's still not on the list, yet it does get really hot and it has to stay plugged in because it no longer keeps its charge.

    Checked mine, yes it was a recall. Received a brand new battery from Toshiba within 2days....:)
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