Toshiba, Microsoft, Panasonic start work on DVD2 Format

Found 13th Mar 2008
When we thought it was all over....

At the same meeting, according to a summary posted on the Forum Web site, the committee approved the formation of a new working group (dubbed WG-12) to study and specify network applications and related network specification of DVD Forum formats, make recommendations for better interoperability and functionality of network-connected DVD Forum specified devices and content and communicate on relevant recommendations with other standard creation organizations.

What that means in non-Forum legalese, Im told by sources familiar with the plans, is that the new working group will look for ways to incorporate some of the same next-gen functionality developed for HD DVD into a DVD 2.0 format, including the HDi interactive layer and the advanced network connectivity.


Sounds good. The one thing that hd-dvd had over blu ray was its software and usability.

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Aw, no uproar..


Aw, no uproar..

What you talking about, im ecstatic over this news:p

Seriously, all the people that would be interested have gone, (or is that been sent) to bed.

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Fineee i'm so bumping this tomorrow.


Fineee i'm so bumping this tomorrow.

allow me

I so want to see the outcome of this thread...... come on out fan boys........ I am spending Sat Nite at home weather out is so ::whistling::whistling::whistling::whistling:

Where are all the fanboys tonight? I predict that there is a chance that HD DVD will make a come back somewhere especially if the Chinese adopt the CH DVD format................

I can see the new line of HD piracy being done by the chinese but only in their own format (until blu ray goes cheaper)

Well thats for my 2 cents on this matter..................

You never know with Toshiba... they probably admitted defeat to get everyone on the band wagon......... Blu ray prices have since yo yo'd...........

I am sure alot of us have now bought alot of cheap HD DVD drives and players................
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