Found 5th Jun 2007
I Dont Know Anything About Them, I Am Looking For One For General Net Surfing And For My Flight Sim...

Can Anyone Offer Any Ideas/ Suggestions To Which Models

Do Hp Change Their Prices Weekly/monthly...


Personally I'm not a HP fan, but Toshiba are the best laptops you can get without a doubt although you will pay more for one.

Do you have a price range in mind?

What flight Sim and what version? So we know if you need a decent graphics chip to run it or not.

Also would you consider any other brands? Sony, Asus, Fujitsu, Rock etc. all make good products well worth considering.


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£600 max really..
flight sim 2004 but if poss flight sim x..

i have been looking at graphics cards like the geforce 73 and 7400

and processor T5200

YES would consider other brands at the end of the day i appreciate they change daily i just want a good looking machine that will last me 2-3 yrs and not too bulky...

thanks guys for any advice in advance.

How about something like this:
I like Asus as they offer 2yrs Warranty as standard across their whole range and that's a nice spec with one of the new generation of ATI graphics chips and DirectX10 support.

This Toshiba has a bigger screen which would be good for your games but the graphics chips not a patch on the one in the Asus.

This Toshiba's more comparable to the Asus spec, but lacking in graphics again unfortunately.

This Sony's quite pretty - and that's what they sell on :giggle:

This Acer comes with one of the 7300 graphics chips you've been looking at.

All of these should handle Flight Sim 2004 or X (this one: ]http//ww…tml right?) no problem, but the graphics chip on the Asus would be more future proof.

Hope that helps :thumbsup:
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