Toshiba pulls the plug on HD DVD

remember Betamax
no me neither!!!



how many threads do we need!!!

Isnt this 4th or 5th

its the 5th thread isent it??

i coudlnt really care about this anyway

haha the Wii is scewed now!!

Why is the Wii screwed?


I remember Betamax well.
Technically superior to VHS but all the Chavs bought VHS and put up with 2nd best, killing Beta for those who knew better.


Why is the Wii screwed?

Ooooh come on mate, we all know the Wii has a HD DVD drive and can play HD in all it's glory. :roll:


haha the Wii is scewed now!!

What does a £180 machine solely used for gaming(mostly for younger gamers) have to do with hddvd vs bluray:whistling:

Is my hoover screwed too?

Have just seen on BBC News 24 that its all over for HD-DVD!
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