Toshiba Qosmio G30-176 laptop


    I am after a toshiba ][COLOR=black]Qosmio G30-176[/COLOR].
    was wondering if anyone knew where was the cheapest place to buy this laptop?

    So far i have only been able to find this model on the toshiba website :confused: - but they probably charge over the odds (similar to sony centre with sony products!!)

    Any help is appreciated



    John Lewis has Qosmio G30-176 for £1499

    It's the G30-175 Edi I think...

    I've been searching for it turbocat, can't spot it, it's rare!

    EDIT - except here for £1799: ]http//ww…412

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    Thanks for the help everyone

    anyone know of any possible discounts that i might be able to claim from the toshiba website??

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    [SIZE=2]so i take it there are no toshiba discounts available - even for students??? [/SIZE]

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    If anyone could give me some vouchers/discount codes it would be GREATLY appreciated:thumbsup:

    It seems like they are a hard place to get discounts from?!!! - also is it worth going through quidco for them (as i am plannin to buy a laptop from them £1000+)

    any advice appreciated


    I have merged the above post into your original thread. If someone had a tip about Toshiba vouchers they would have told you in the other thread, but looks like there are none. I've never heard of any.

    Why not ring them and try and haggle? You'd be surprised how much leeway they have with prices...


    try they have F20-117 for £1700
    and G30-169 for £1900.
    I think U also get 20% off a first order.
    Good luck!


    try they have F20-117 for £1700 and G30-169 for £1900.I … try they have F20-117 for £1700 and G30-169 for £1900.I think U also get 20% off a first order.Good luck!

    20% off at freemans does not apply to electronics eggman (sorry)

    But thanks for helping!


    ooops, thanks Emma - sorry Turbocat. :confused:
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