Toshiba Regza 37" 37XV 505 DB HD 1080p HELP

    im gonna be getting this TV friday and wondered what u folks think,im getting ot for £475 brand new,is it worth it and is there anything better at similar price,37 is smallest i would have and 42 is biggest,
    highest budget would be £525


    edit... missread the topic

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    I have this very telly, it's very good and miles ahead of the Hanspree … I have this very telly, it's very good and miles ahead of the Hanspree av37 i had before. No mega weird colors or blurr.Only thing that gave me trouble was my Wii on it, for some reason using the standard composite scart lead gave an awful half drawn picture. A cheap set of Wii component leads i got from DealeXtreme gives a fantastic picture though (for a Wii).

    so as far as colours and picture quality is it good,that trusted review makes it sound ****,i use SD tv(cabletv),i got a 1080p philips upscaling surround and an xbox 360 with hdmi,think i may upgrade my cable to the hd virin box though if i can get a good deal from them.

    do you know if its hdcp ready,meaning i can plug it into my pc by hdmi and watch bluray rips direct?

    Ooops, sorry I just realised that your getting the XV version I have the AV version (720p).

    Still, I know from the AV forums that the Toshiba-XV50X series is very well rated. Even on my AV505 the blacks are very good imo and there's no blurr, I'm very pleased with my Toshiba, especially the no-blur bit.

    Look up the thread on the "AV" forums for this telly, your bound to find a wealth of information.

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    little update,got my new TV but got the 37LG5010,what a beast this is,
    amazing everything.

    cant rate it enough.

    where did you find the toshiba for 475 mate?
    im looking at buying one but the cheapest i can find is 525 on amazon..
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