TOSHIBA SATELLITE L450D-11V - Recovery Disc

Found 14th Jun 2010
Hey People,

I managed to purchase a laptop for a friend for eBay, a deal which was advertised here?

Not sure if you remember, but the Toshiba L450D-11V laptop from Argos (on eBay)

The laptop does not boot anymore, so when he tried to use his recovery disc, this is not being read. On closer inspection there is a dent in the disc (don't ask lol) so guess this is stopping it to fully load.

Any ideas on what to do?

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it will be in warranty send it back if it cannot be fixed they will refund you.
Cheers mate....

But he wants to try reformatting the laptop (as this seemed to work last time) so he can start using it again...

So need to know how else it can be recovered as his recovery disc is damaged.
Ask toshiba for a recovery disc? (may cost ~£5)
Find another one lying around for a different computer? as long as it is the same operating system then your key will work to install, and you'll just have to install drivers yourself.
Download one from online, burn it and find drivers?
As above, but load it onto a USB stick (will also work if it's the DVD drive playing up)
could you not ask toshiba for a replacement disc? as Toshiba don't usually have a recovery partition.

you can't reinstall windows without that disc.
does it not have a recovery partition on the hdd? cant you press f8 when booting up to get to the repair windows screen
I have this exact model. The hard drive is partition C and D about equal split. There is the option to put full snapshot of the Windows system into D or onto an external storage such as dvd. I did both. They recommend also making a recovery disk and I was suppiled with recovery disk for Windows 32bit. I don't see what else Toshiba could do.

Thanks for all your replies!

Well, the recovery disc given is damaged hence can no longer use it.

The computer even if there is a partition shows error codes, it will only boot up via disc, and thats what I need.

Would anyone be able to send a copy of the recovery disc? I could arrange some sort of payment?
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