Toshiba Satellite T115D netbook how to restore to factory settings??

Found 30th Jan 2012
my brother gave my son this netbook, my son has managed to get a virus on it so we cant get anything to work, its shut down all the antivirus on the netbook, its lost the net, cant open anything on there, only in safemode,
we have no books or anything for the thing, my brother just gave the netbook, powerpack and the bag!
ive asked him and he didnt know what to do
is there anyway to put it back to factory default settings?
any help would be great here guys.
thank you in advance
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Hi, Try starting it in safe mode, F8 on startup, just after the computer starts and you see a black screen. If it starts and things work, ie. no fake antivirus popups or whatever it was doing previously in normal mode, you can then run Malware Antibytes (full scan after update - if internet works in safemode?) This should find any nastys on the laptop. It will prompt you to remove any items it deems unsafe. Do this and reboot. Try normal - if virus persists, enter safe mode again and this time you need to go online and download a small exe file called rkill.exe (found at bleeping When downloaded navigate to the profile folder (users if Vista) and find the START UP folder. You want to copy and paste the rkill.exe into the START UP folder so when the computer reboots, rkill.exe runs on system start up (or start up of the profile of the infected user) - rkill.exe should kill the virus and prevent it from executing and messing up the computer in normal mode. Then run mbam.exe again, update if you can. You may need to install it under normal mode aswell, update virus definitions and do a full scan. Again, this should remove all nastys.
Let me know how you get on,

thanks Russell, going to try this now will let you know how we get on
From the Toshiba user guide (page 59 - 61)...

To recover the original factory image using the utilities on your computer’s internal storage drive:
1 Make sure the computer is turned off.
2 Press and hold the 0 (zero) key on your keyboard while powering on the computer.
3 If your system offers a choice of Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit operating system, select one at this time. If not, skip to step 4
4 A warning screen appears, stating that when the recovery is executed all data will be deleted and rewritten. Click Ye s to continue.
5 When the Toshiba Recovery Wizard opens and the Selecting a process screen displays, select Recovery of Factory Default Software and then click Next.
6 The Recovery of Factory Default Software screen appears. Select Recover to out-of-box state.
7 Click Next. A confirmation message displays reminding you that all data will be lost during the recovery process. Be sure to save you work to external media before proceeding.
8 Click Next to begin the recovery. When the process is complete, a message displays indicating that the internal storage drive has been recovered.
9 Press any key on the keyboard to restart the computer.
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Russellmars, it didnt work hun, summorer your info did! thanks guys for all your help
Summoner that worked great! Thanks!
tapping the 0 key when starting worked for me holing it down did nothing
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