Toshiba TV problems (Vestel TVs incls Hitachi, JVC, Luxor etc)

Posted 15th Mar 2019
hi, just phoned richer sounds as my tosh TV was switching off randomly since last night.

apparently Toshiba are aware of the problems due to an over the air update and are trying to rectify
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Thanks to @pieandapint ''Apparently it's an issue with freeview play. Disconnect network cable, or switch off wifi router to allow you to operate tv without rebooting. Press menu, installation, first time installation. When configuring tv select "no" when freeview play T&Cs come up. Reconnect internet. You can continue to use all smart features except freeview play, until update arrives''.

thanks to @leitchyleck ''RS (Richer Sounds) said all Toshiba models''.
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