Toshiba vs Sony laptop

    Who makes better systems?


    the Tosh resolution for a 17" would be (for me), a real problem. looks cools as though!

    i was just going to say i thought the toshiba was fugly

    tosh all the way tht looks so cool

    well its certainly not subtle

    It looks cool now, but with a year or two's wear on it and changing fashions I think it'll start to look silly pretty quickly. Mind you being a 17" I guess it'll be staying at home so not that many people are going to see it (unless you throw lots of parties :))

    The toshiba has a rather low resolution, and the sony has a funny one. What are you going to use the laptop for?

    Original Poster

    Haha- that's what I was thinking. You would either love or hate the design of the tosh (much like marmite!). I don't want it to catch attention of the wrong sort, but then again, it does seem a little more powerful. Seems a bit of a heavy wrinklebeast too.
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