Total Film Blu Ray Offer (Ghost Rider + Surfs Up)

    Just as a matter of interest did anyone ever get their blu ray titles "Ghost Rider" and "Surfs Up" as part of this subscription offer? I called up 3 weeks after taking out my subscription and was told the discs were on the way, but received a letter dated the day after my call saying they would be delayed for up to 28 days. I called again about the letter and the person I spoke to said that I may get "replacement" dvds as that offer had been very popular (not surprised). When I pointed out that the deal was for two blu ray discs not dvds I was told that they were entitled to switch gifts if they'd run out of the original offer.

    I seem to remember that my right to cancel expires after 60 days after which time I'm commited to a years subscription which I don't really want so if I cancel before the 60 days are up am I likely to still get the discs? If they decide to switch to dvd's I'm not really interested anyway looking at some of the titles they advertised even if they were free, and quite fancied GR myself and Surfs Up for the kids. Probably too slow off the mark in taking up the offer but I'd still be interested to know if anyone ever got the blu rays (or if they've received a substitute).



    had two letters saying still waiting for stock,sounds like a con just to get you subscribed,think i will cancel soon as they turn up

    Had a letter a few weeks ago saying they were out of stock and could take up to 28 days... But low and behold, they arrived through the post this morning...


    got mine 2day:thumbsup:
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