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Found 25th Apr
I have always used Kaspersky Total Security and am very
happy with it, but the software is due for renewal in the next 3 weeks.

My Question is, is it safe to renew this software with all
the problems going on with Russia, after all the Russians have threatened the
UK with cyber-attacks. Can Kaspersky be trusted as it is a Russian company?
What are the very best alternatives to Kaspersky Total Security?
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I switched to Kaspersky after my FiL contracted crypto locker. Kaspersky already prevented it. Mcafee didn't. When I called Mcafee (who are Intel), they simply refunded my entire subscription.

I don't trust either the CIA or the Russians or anyone else to have my interests at heart and always be able to stop nasty things happening.

Keep paper copies of the important things. One day, sadly, it will matter.
Use windows defender free. Would you trust 3rd party software or trust Microsoft as they have a vested interest in keeping their own software safe and patched. It's what the security people are saying but not many people are listening.
If you are staying with them, don't blindly renew as it may be cheaper to buy at Amazon etc. rather than renewing
Plenty of good quality free ones out there no need to stay with them even if you want to believe the stories or not. Avira is my choice but Avast and even windows are good.
What Eslick said...
We use these protection systems to protect ourselves from harm on the net, but here you are worrying about the makers of the protection systems - and rightly so.

They ALL harvest your information.

You get them in the first instance to protect yourself from hackers i.e. criminals seeking your personal info, or if we believe everything we read, groups of rogue I.T. geniuses who make viruses etc for no other reason than to mess up the net???

And, they all more or less do the job, with some doing it slighly better than others, but as you can be sure they all gather info on you the question then becomes what's more valuable to them - your protection or your info?
It's worth remembering that many of the 'free' protection systems are every bit as effective in protecting you as the paid for ones - why?

There are those who would gladly pay for that info, then there are those who demand that info on the grounds of state security.

It would appear then that there may be at least three main groups of peeps we need protecting from on the net; the criminal group after your info (and we can lump the rogue IT geniuses in the criminal group too), the makers of the protection systems (who are protecting us from the crims/RITTG's whilst gathering info on us), and world governments - obviously including our own goverment.

No protection system is going to protect you from all that.

In summary, two of the three threats are near impossible to stop, so what you're looking for is one that's okay-ish at stopping the non company/state supported crim group, and for that Kaspersky is probably the best paid for protection whilst Avast free (download it from Filehippo) is every bit as good at dealing with the crim group.

Hope this helps.

Btw, my geeky techie friends put me onto all this stuff, here's the only two sites they consider worth looking at when it comes to assessing 'the best' protection. VB and AV-Test.
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