Total Wipeout

    BBC 1 Any one watching it ? good for a laugh, surely someones gunna break something pretty soon.


    The Japanese shows are better than Total Wipeout. Also they keep repeating the same ones all time!

    my kids love it they laugh their little heads off at the people falling over, bless

    Yep, I agree with bargainhunter2009, the Japanese shows are better by miles, with Viking being my favourite.

    What's more, the atmosphere at Total Wipeout is nil

    It's as bad as the updated It's a Knockout, with Keith Chegwin a few years ago .. that wasn't a patch on the original show with Stuart Hall and Eddie Waring.

    Of course Jeux Sans Frontieres was even better

    I thought the show finished last week

    Looks like we missed it.

    My family also like this show - we also like Takeshi's Castle
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