Totally dead ipod?? :(

    Hi all,

    Need a bit of help if you don't mind. My friends ipod is totally dead. They have given it too me to try and sort out but not having a greal deal of luck

    I have tried resetting it, i.e menu and select button process, also tried to get the diagnostic menu to come joy.

    I think th eproblem is that the computer will not recognise it in any way when plugged into the usb.

    Does anyone have any words of wisdom as to what I can do to resolve this issue. I would be soooo grateful


    I've had a simlar problem but my screen was showing the sad face and one was showing battery empty, both wouldn't turn on or connect to my pc. Thing i did was to use one of the wall chargers and left it on over night, they both work fine now.

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    I have put it on one of the docking systems as sometimes that works but I didn't leave it overnight.

    I will try that, in the meantime any other suggestions??

    Thanks Jennyrocks

    I did try a docking station and it wasn't enough power, I even left it on for a few days to no avail.

    The battery could be completely dead, what type of ipod is it?

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    Its the 2nd generation ipod??

    if its under a year old take it to the apple shop for a replacement.

    TRy here: ]fixipod.con simple steps to make sure all errors are no more.

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    That was quite funny harlzter

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