Totum card, any working way to obtain one without a place of Study

Posted 8th Jan
.Tried most of the methods but not getting anywhere. It's for my 75 year old Mother who only shops at the coop
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See if she can get the totum pro card think that still does coop discount
I just received my second Toruń card a few weeks ago and this time I got the 3 year card just by using the pretend online course that was on their list.
IamMT08/01/2020 15:29

Is this one …Is this one expired?

I didn't try that one! I have no idea why it didn't show up on a search? I found another by trial and error. I'm not going to post the deal as they seem to plug the hole quite quickly. If anyone needs it PM me, I will pass it on 10 per month so it shouldn't flag up
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