TOTUM Student Card + App (no verification required)

Posted 12th Sep 2020

There are too many discounts to mention but a good few are;

Amazon Prime Student free for 6months, then half price until your card expires (£39 year)

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Blue - UK Version - £99.49 / £79.49 Students @ Amazon…272

Follow this step by step guide:

1. Create TOTUM account
2. in Qualifications/ course level select "other"
3. In what are you studying? select “other”
4. Year of course year 2
5. when does your course end? 2026
6. where do you study? “Digitech Studio School”
4. Boom💥 you should now be able to purchase your student membership bundle!!

5. Download the app Totum, login in check wallet —>card screenshot ur ID
6. email with your ID from Totum saying you like to active amazon student prime, if you have amazon
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