Toucan Broadband any good?

Found 28th Mar 2007
I found this great deal by Toucan Broadband, you get 8mb Unlimited Broadband for £14.99 a month and free weekend calls.

And fair usage policy allows up to 1gb usage at peak times
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Unlimited Broadband and upto 1Gig usage?

I don't understand

But 1 gig usage is useless!

Unlimited Broadband and upto 1Gig usage?I don't understand :SBut 1 gig … Unlimited Broadband and upto 1Gig usage?I don't understand :SBut 1 gig usage is useless!

No its unlimited but as with other broadband they have a fair usage policy at peak times and the download limit is 1gb each day for peak times.
And what are the peak times?
A friend of mine has just recently signed up to toucan.......speeds seem ok,but using peer to peer at peak times is impossible.....everything else seems fine.
I am signed up to the 512 speed on Toucan and its never been slow and i use it all day with no problems and using the free evening and weekend calls properly saves a bundle on my bt bill :)) Only problem is they dont do a free modem for Vista yet!?
I hve ben using toucan since september. It hs had a couple of days problems but generally ok. Imon the 8mb connection and the spee is not bad but virgin broadband of 8mb seems to be faster, that isin a complely different area though
I've been with Toucan for just over a year. Joining them was a nightmare with poor customer service. However, once everything was set up, i didn't have any further trouble. Never had trouble connecting to the internet but I'm always in their 'heavy user' list. So they restrict my speed during peak hours hence unable to used peer-to-peer or online gaming. Speed is reasonably good offpeak times.
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