Touch screen in kitchen?

I quite fancy having a touch screen (monitor) in the kitchen, that is networked, so i can play all of the music, watch all of the films/tv show, access the web etc.

Is this possible?

The reason i thought of it was because i have just made dinner and the recipe i was following was on the laptop and had to take it into the kitchen with me.

Thought it would be quite cool


yeah touch screens can be pricey but with Windows 7 shouldn't be too much of an issue to set-up

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Thanks, any idea of pricey?

Was looking for a 15-16" TV for the kitchen anyway, and they seem to be £120+

Was thinking of, somehow, attaching it to my Desktop, so that way it wouldn't need to be a PC in 'its own right', suppose that would make it easier?

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ok, after a bit of investigation touch sceens are crazy expensive, might mount a rollerball mouse near a screen and use the onscreen keyboard.

Any problems with it being in the kitchen?

HP will prob be you cheapest option either the L2105tm (screen) currently in the USA for $300 or there range of touchsmart pc's around £900

if you can run a display cable thru to the kitchen, get a ati all in wonder remote, they work off RF so don't need to be in line of the receiver
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