Found 3rd Oct 2008
On wednesday, me and some mates went clubbing. One of the members of our group was TAZXXX. Some lad joined in with our group and then started grinding on tazxx. He then kept grinding on different lads in the group which led us to all hug onto the only girl available in a deesperate attempt to show him we wer infact straight. He then touched one lads 'Pork Sword'.
We told him we wernt interested so many times but he kept coming back until some lad punched him! I see how girls must feel in the club when us lads get a bit too frisky
in conclusion: i will never go out on a wednesday night again.

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Lmfao @ pork sword, it was me with a tash

i LOL at your description of the whole night esp 'pork sword':giggle:

lol thats a funny story, hope no one was hurt tho'

wow.... he came on strong!

lmao @ the conclusion

poor women indeed!!!

Pork Sword ..haha

At least with a man you can get "Dark" on his ass. When a woman comes on strong, you are jiggered.


Keep in mind Wednesday night is national 'gay' night.

Original Poster

Foosball Chum;3113923

Keep in mind Wednesday night is national 'gay' night.

are you being serious?!?!?!

I'm thinking your jealous 'cause you never got any of the action - come out of the closet McLovin


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