"Tough" Digital Camera

Found 5th Dec 2007
..if there is such a thing.

So I'm after, if possible, a digital camera that can stand more abuse than your average camera. For instance when I'm skiing I don't want a camera that will break easily on impact.

Budget about £200, but I'm open to whatever.
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hmmm i saw an advert a few nights back for the sort of cam ur lookin for that u can like chuck on the floor and it wont break (wudnt try it) ill try have a look for you after done some coursework
These are shock and water proof and well reviewed for this purpose...

That Olympus looks rather decent. Shame I can't seem to find how good the movie function is. Way to much choice these days.
I know what you mean.

I saw that program and they did hammer them, funny thing is the most expensive one was the worst one, typical!
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