Tough Doggy Ball Recommendations, Please?

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Balls! (Now that I have your attention...) My niece's dog (who I dogsit regularly) is a Dogue De Bordeaux/Bullmastiff Cross - not that his breed is important, just highlighting that he's a big fella.

He loves his toys but as you can imagine, everything gets ripped to bits quickly. I recently got him a JW Isqueak Ball Medium…SQI as I read reviews saying they were quite tough - lasted less than a week!
As you can see 2792391.jpgAny recommendations for tough balls/toys that will put up with his strong chewing? He particularly likes a ball to play with, though

Thanks for any replies

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Oh my gosh he sounds like my cat. My cat has gone through so many wand toys because he's so fierce and strong with his toys. If this new one breaks I really don't know what I'll do. All the other ones I had to bin when it was clear they were becoming a a choking hazard (they normally had stuffed shapes at the bottom of them such as fish or santa or something)

Have you considered asking on this forum too? I use it all the time for my cat and I'm sure the dog section will probably be bigger than the cat one. Every post always gets helpful replys

I have an English Springer Spaniel and he was the same. Only thing that has lasted was the below which I got from Pets At Home. Dunno about the bad reviews left unless they have changed the product since but mines been fine. Also got him a natural Antler dog chew from the vets though afterwards noticed they ripped me off and they are cheaper in Pet at home or Amazon.…toy

Amazon is his personal favourite though

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KONG toys are usually good. Had one for my previous pooch and it's about the only one he never managed to destroy…rch

My Labrador had a big black "indestructible" KONG, lasted about 3 days (much longer than anything else though!). Other than that only toys made of thick rope survive any length of time.
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One of my Border Collies is a massive destroyer of toys, but I bought him a Nylabone chew (from pets at home, I think) and he chews it regularly and its still going strong seven years later!!!
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Will have to accompany my niece to Petsathome when she picks up her Wainright's then Thanks for all of your recommendations. Yeah, I've bought him some rope toys before, he loves them and it takes him a good week or two to rip apart!
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I have a mastiff cross myself so I feel your pain with destroying toys! The only balls she hasn't managed to destroy are the Interball (a bit pricey and also heavy so don't recommend for indoors) and the Kong squeaky balls in the largest size. She completey destroys the regular size ones but you can get a larger one for I think about £5-6 at pets at home, the size makes it a bit awkward for them to chew for a long time and it's strong enough to withstand the chewing they can do. The squeaker inside might break but that's not always a bad thing ha.

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Makes sense to pay more for a toy that will last, than numerous £2-3 toys that get obliterated within days least I know what to look out for now His birthday is coming up soon - I've got him the (Amazon Prime) Dog Sample Box and Dry/Wet Food already
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Be careful when you buy from petsathome. The last toy I bought there for my Tough cat broke

Deer antler!

alsowater buffalo horn.

For a ball that he can chase but not get in his mouth I recommend a Boomer ball. My spaniel loves chasing his around the garden and we have had it for over 7 years and it's still going strong! Orbee balls and the Chuckit balls are the only balls I have found that my dog doesn't chew through in 10 seconds! Good luck

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Thanks, Col67. Boomer Balls look promising (he whimpers for a ball and loves to carry one around wherever he goes) - as you can imagine, the furry "piggy" freebie that came in the Amazon Sample box was shredded quickly x

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I got a "Tuff Woof" "Strong, Floatable Ball With Tug Handles" from Home Bargains earlier - £1.99, a great price for a tough dog toy
32074319-av8Ko.jpgFive minutes later:
32074319-Tmg5P.jpgHere's what's left:
32074319-CP92z.jpgThink he prefers it as a ball! He is used to tug toys but preferred making it today's nibble project. I made sure I watched him carefully as he was chewing on rubber bits, made him drop them, and put them in the bin. Let's see how long the toy lasts in its new ball form!

I ordered an 8" Boomer Ball, don't have it yet.

The orangey spikey doughnut shaped dog toy is more pliable than it looks, got him the ball version of that as well for 79p - seems to stand up well to his tough chewing, and has more bounce than a really hard rubber toy.

Edit: Woke up to this, this morning:
32074319-2PmlM.jpgTook it off him as he likes to try to chew and swallow the bits of rubber and I'm afraid he might choke/be sick. He got some fun out of it, and it was cheap, I suppose!
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Boomer Ball arrived today (8", Blue)'s doggle's birthday tomorrow, so I'm told, so I bought him some more bits from Poundland and -world.

Pedigree Tasty Bites Cheesy Nibbles (with Cheese And Beef) 140g - from Poundland, all other items from Poundworld - the black ball is a squeaky treat toy, the Hi-Life Banquet Flaked Chicken With Rice And Liver 100g pouches were 2 x 50p.

I expect he'll demolish the pound shop fare, but hopefully the Boomer Ball will go the distance...
32108523-EO6KR.jpgEdit 28th Sept: Here's an indulgent birthday picture (sorry about the dog winkie showing, only realised after I saved the photo)
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