Im Looking For Some New Bathroom Towels. We Need 2 Large 'sheets', 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels And 2 Flannels. Preferably Brown,cream, But Must Be Modern ,plain, Ribbed Or Squares In Them, Also A Decent Quality! Any Ideas? Online Would Be Great If I Can Get Them!


    Asda's bath towels and bath sheets are pretty good... i bought some in aqua a few weeks ago.. very thick and fluffy!…mo=

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    They Loook Great, How Do I See Them All Online, I Cant Find Them

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    Got It!! Thanks For That, I Wouldnt Have Thought Of Them

    tesco also do some nice ones in egyptian cotton.

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    Are There No Good Online Places?

    10% through quidco plus they have a upto 50% sale on selected towels
    after a quick look could only find 25% off though


    ]http://www.christy-towels.com10% through quidco plus they have a upto … ]http://www.christy-towels.com10% through quidco plus they have a upto 50% sale on selected towelsafter a quick look could only find 25% off though

    I've had Christy towels and they have lasted for years! Egyptian cotton ones are the best.

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    they are nice, really expensive tho, even with 25% off!

    Not sure if you've seen/used them, We got some Egyptian cotton towels from or, They were actually good quality and for the set on a auction it worked out about 22 quid for a bundle, Only thing to watch out for is the postage/ (I think its £8 and to order by phone is £1.50, But online is free)

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    cheers for that. we've just came back from asda. there towels are fab! will be getting them, thanks to all tho for your help!

    Primark have some lovely chocolate brown towels are very good quality and very reasonably priced

    John Lewis have got sets in their sale.
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